What to Expect from a Lactation Consultation

At each visit I will take a detailed history, assess your infant and breasts, and provide you with a written plan of care.  Additionally for a home visit I will also provide you with a detailed receipt for your records.

In Office Visits

I'm proud to team with Pediatric Medical Associates to offer infant feeding support.  I am on site to answer newborn feeding questions and offer breastfeeding assessments for those families needing more assistance.


Office appointments are at Pediatric Medical Associates' Sacramento office:


650 Howe Avenue Suite 100, Sacramento CA 95825


Appointments can be made by calling: 916.924.9337

Initial Home Visit Consultation

​Families can encounter breastfeeding issues from the newborn days through weaning. Each stage in the lactation process can bring its own challenges.  This visit is to assess breastfeeding and address any discomfort or infant feeding problems.  Most consultations include a pre- and post-feeding weight to check weight gain and determine milk intake. The initial consultation appointment is generally 1 to 1.5 hours, dependent on complexity. I feel that a flat rate is essentail because it allows us to adress any issues with out worrying about how much time has passed. Many issues may be resolved in one or two visits.  

Established Home Visit Consultation

This visit is for those times where a full consultation is not needed.  Typically these visits cover follow up weight checks and assessments, preparing to return to work or school, weaning, and breast health once breastfeeding has been well established.


Appointments are booked in half hour increments.

Prenatal Education

At this time I am not offering prenatal breastfeeding classes.  I hope to include this piece of education in the near future.



I accept credit cards, cash, and checks for my home visit lactation services.  Lactation services are a HSA eligible expense.  Visits held at Pediatric Medical Associates will be billed through insurance.


Insurance Reimbursement

I do not accept insurance for home visits, but I will provide you with a receipt with insurance billing codes that you can use to try to seek reimbursement from your provider. Please be advised that all insurance companies differ in reimbursement and covered services.


Initial Home Visit: 

$115 for first visit


Established Home Visit:

$60 per hour, prorated to a quarter hour



Lactation Consultant and Breastfeeding services in Sacramento California offered by Amity Rajappa, IBCLC.