Handouts and Printables

Below you will find forms to help record feeding and pumping data, handouts, and helpful videos.

This log can be used to track baby's feedings and diaper output.  To use the log simply circle the start time of each feed.  If baby receives a bottle, place an X over the start time.  If baby is fed at breast and receives additional milk mark the time with a circle and an X.

Pumping Log

This log can be used to track how often you are pumping and how much milk you are expressing.  Remember that pumping should not be painful.  See the link below for tips on pumping more effectively.

Nipple Shield Use

Applying a nipple shield correctly is necessary to have success using this tool.  Nipple shields can be used to help coax a primarily bottle fed baby to feed at breast, help a preterm baby create suction, assist with SNS feedings, and protect damaged nipples during the healing process.

Breastfeeding Support Resources

A PDF document that lists support groups, county resources, pump rentals, and mommy/daddy and me activities.

Baby and Me Activities
Privacy Practices


Paced Bottle Feeding

Click the button above to watch a paced bottle feeding.  


Paced bottle feeding involves giving your baby his or her bottle in a way that is more biological and less stress inducing.  You are pacing the feed based on his or her cues.  Baby gets milk when sucking begins, but is allowed to pause and catch his or her breath between sucking bursts.   

Maya Bolman's Breast Massage
Stanford Hands on Pumping Video

Click the button above to watch the Stanford University video on maximizing output by using your hands while pumping.